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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Red Hat Royalty of Brevard, Queens, Vice Queens and Royal Couriers

Your Royal Highnesses,

A Google Group has been set up for RED HAT ROYALTY OF BREVARD. All Queens, Vice Queens or their chapter representative (Royal Couriers) are invited to join. The Group does not replace the County Coordinators. Rather it provides a place for local Queens to meet, share information, plan events, post calls for help and whatever else We as a group deem appropriate. The group is private and password protected. Only members can receive messages or read the archives.

This is a Google Group so naturally, you must sign up for a Google Account first. Detailed directions are below:

Part I Set up a Google Account

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Email address
  3. Type a password
  4. Type it again
  5. Type in the letters in the Security Verification (yes, they are hard to read -- deliberately)
  6. Read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (each opens in a new window)
  7. Return to the New Account form window.
  8. Click the gray button to create your Google account
  9. Wait to receive an email from with the Subject Google Email Verification
  10. Click on the link in the Google email. This verifies your email address and activates your Google Account.

Part II Join the Red Hat Royalty of Brevard Google Group

  1. Go to the RED HAT ROYALTY OF BREVARD Google Group at
  2. Click on the link "Sign in and apply for membership"
  3. Sign in with your Google Account Email address and password
  4. Choose your mail options from No Mail, Abridged Email, Digest Email or Email. (The default is Abridged Email)
  5. Add the groups email address to your address book:
  6. Choose a nickname (Your Royal Title is suggested)
  7. Apply for membership by answering the questions you'll see just above the form box (Name, Chapter Name and Number and title. If you are NOT the Queen, but a VQ or Royal Courier please include your Queens contact information as we require Royal verification of all titles).
  8. Click the gray button to "Apply to this Group" and submit your answers
  9. Remember to sign out! Everytime! Even though you cannot view or post messages yet, you are still signed into your Google Account.
  10. Bookmark this link as a favorite: http//

Since all subscription information is verified for our mutual safety, please allow 24 to 48 hours for processing.

Once approved, you can email the group at: No complete email addresses appear in the Group to prevent spam. Your group e-mail will go to every member of the Group and to our Royal Coordinators. For more information see, "Google Group Lesson #1 - How to Respond to a Queen" located in the Archives for Red Hat Royalty of Brevard at

Subscription questions can be addressed to

The Benevolent Queen Belately

Friday, May 19, 2006

Red Hat Happenings Subscriptions Change

Greetings Ladies, Queens and Court!

It is our sad duty to report the impending demise of bloglet, our subscription service for Brevard County Florida Red Hat Happenings. To avoid any interruption in service, all existing subscribers have been transferred to our new service provided by FeedBlitz.

To avoid missing events, please add to your email address book. If your email bounces or is not accepted, you will be removed from the subscriber list. If you later decide to rejoin, simply add your email address to the form above and click on "Subscribe Me!"

If you no longer want to receive updates from us, there will be a link in every email to unsubscribe. Alternatively, you can also email your request to feedblitz and you will be removed within a business day (typically much faster than that) they say. For additional Subscriber information, please visit the FeedBlitz website.

Also, please take a moment to review their Privacy Policy. I did and I am quite satisfied with it. The only third party that will see your email addresses is... well it's me. And I already see them and won't share them with anyone.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to comment.

Benevolent Queen Belately
Baroness of Belogging and Heir to the Crown of Belazy


Friday, May 05, 2006

WELCOME VICKIE, Queen of the Sassy Scrappers

Vickie will be updating Brevard Red Hat Happenings.

Three cheers for Vickie!